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The World Is Changing

As the world changes, so does the work environment.

Businesses are needing to be a lot more responsive, make better use of their resources, as well as finding new ways to add value.

This means businesses are going to need the right people, with the right skills, doing the right job.

Organizations are facing new customer expectations, more competition, the need for a more engaged workforce, and a new generation that see the world differently.  Organizations need to be more agile, innovative and deal with ever changing pressures from new technologies.

Typically people are allocated work within their team.  The manager and team know their abilities and utilize them accordingly.  The organisation as a whole cannot capitalize on individuals strengths and skills and latent talent lies within people, and within the organization, totally being missed.

Further to this, the expectations of the people that are entering the workplace are changing. They have been brought up with a level of technology that ‘enables’ them. They come from a world that has been teaching them how things worked in the past, yet they are entering a world where exciting new things are happening.

They are more aware of how to make changes and less accepting of traditional approaches, that many believe, have created bad businesses and contaminated the planet. If their expectations are seen as too high, it comes from a desire to find meaningful ways to contribute. In essence they ask ‘How can I make best use of my skills and do something I can be proud of?’  Above all, they want to be treated as an individual.


Why is this important? The workplace is an important element to attracting the right talent and, in particular, creating a culture where innovation, creativity and engagement can happen. In trying to imagine the workplace of the future, we need to be able to respond to these expectations. This means that we need to re-consider the approach we take to engaging with people and leading them, and see this as an integrated part of being an agile, adaptable and responsive organization.

Businesses will likely require flatter, more fluid and evolving structures, that enable quicker decision making, and people who take greater ownership of their roles. Businesses will need to be able to source the right talent for their ongoing needs, by mining for talent. These businesses will be creating the workplace of the future; but how does a business mine the hidden talent that lies in the depths of their business?

The workplace of the future is likely to be more like a Marketplace for Work.

A Marketplace for Work

Ensuring that the evolving work requirements are being handled by people with the right skills, and ability to respond effectively, will mean matching talent to the required work.  

An organisation becomes a Marketplace for Work.  

LENYA provides an easy to use platform that enables Project Leaders and Managers to post a project or activity, that ALL employees, regardless of their position or the department they work within, can respond to.  This enables the right talent to respond to work required, that fits their skills.  This will enable them to experience different parts of the organization and provide them a wider experience using their skills.

Giving Managers and Project Leaders the tools and resources to identify and build the most effective team for any given project, means organizational agility and creativity is unleashed. Talent will not be solely dependant on one manager for their career progression. This will allow them the opportunity to do great work, be more engaged, and feel more productive.

The LENYA software provides analytics from the marketplace and the leadership team will have rich data on work and talent.  It also allows for the redistribution of work and workload optimization, and gives a global dashboard of activities that are taking place across the organization.

LENYA allows everyone involved in projects to rate each other against the predefined skills from their projects, plus giving and receiving feedback. The feedback and ratings collect together into an online profile, allowing others within the business to find the talent they need for their project.

At the core of LENYA, the benefits are helping organizations to identify what the workplace of the future is likely to become.

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